This project is work in progress.

Beatrice enables to control your home device or virtual devices (Process, WebHook, IRKit ...) via Google Assistant/Google Home. This relationship is also similar to Homebridge and HomeKit.

Make your Raspberry Pi broadcast a WiFi Hotspot so you can connect to it without ethernet

This project uses Adafruit's 64x64 LED panel to monitor my PiHole setup remotely or locally (Internet or Intranet) and can be run locally You can purchase a Adafruit 64x64 LED panel here This project was built and tested with Python3.7 This project installs this library in order to print on the display

A dashboard to display the following in a rotating manner:

Bash scripts for controlling a Raspberry Pi with a NeoPixel HAT

Neo pixel Raspberry Pi Python scripts for neo pixel smart led hats or WS2812 smart leds